Beauty Starlet & d.j.  


Anita was born and raised outside of Syracuse, NY but it wasn't until a move to New York City in 2004 with only a backpack and a soul full of determination that Anita was fully realized.   Anita's drive for success was fueled by a calling to bring joy and positivity and a sense of inclusion to anyone who's felt like an outsider. With a backround in performance and a natural intuition for comedy, Anita has traveled the US as the producer, creative director, and star of, "The Haus Of Mimosa" an award winning musical comedy duo created in 2007. It's these travels and the music production work with "Mimosa" that led to a new path that includes beauty, style, and music. Anita Buffem, Beauty Starlet can be seen DJ-ing at the hottest resorts creating a stylish, fun, comfortable vibe. Anita's provided music for The Pavillion at Fire Island Pines, The Asbury Hotel Tea Dance at Asbury Park (famous for it's music scene),  The OUT NYC Resort and Hotel, and as a hostess providing entertainment for MAC VIVA Glam Pride Event, It Gets Better, Joe's Pub, Tyra Banks' T-Zone Fundraiser, and more. 

Anita has recieved accolades and awards from Gay City News, TIME OUT NY, The Heritage of Pride, CBS NY, Odyssey Magazine, to name a few. The summer of 2016 Anita's career as a DJ took another leap after being given a summer residency with SALT Hotels for their Asbury Park location playing to diverse crowds from families and millennials, to trendy New Yorkers on weekend getaways. With almost a decade of accomplishments, Anita feels like it's just the beginning, "This past year has been an unexpected rebirth and I have never felt more honest, more beautiful, and more alive then I do when I'm playing for an audience. Im excited to continue this journey of music, beauty, and love."  

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