Lime Crime Make Up First Impressions

limecrime haul  swatches & first impressions

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A Buffem Beauty Review: Lime Crime Make Up First Impressions

lime crime haul, swatches, & first impressions

This video features absolutely, hands down, my most favorite ride or die product to date! Find out which one of these products makes my insides tingle in my blog post below! πŸ‘‡





      Thanks for being here! A few quick things before I reveal my favorite product seriously, this is one of those products that is so gorgeous and perfect that I just swatch it on my hand even when I'm doing nothing just to be able to look down and see how pretty it is!! O.K. ya guys, I'm going to tell you which it is but first if you can take a second & please SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel πŸ‘ˆ  it really helps bring more views & while you're there why not give this video a thumbs up, leave a comment below the video and if you're feeling REALLY supportive SHARE one of my videos with a friend or post it to your social media. You're the best, don't ever change!

      OH! and one more quick thing. This week I'm celebrating 2 months since getting out of medical rehab! Shane, my physical therapist has been kicking my a$$ and although the daily improvements are minuscule and hard to notice,  I am confident and have faith I will get back to 100%. πŸ’ͺπŸ¦„ πŸ’ͺ. Adjusting to this "physical situation" I am in due to the complications from back surgery πŸ‘‰(see my personal videos)πŸ‘ˆ and not being able to return to work as quickly as I would have liked is killing me! Not only as someone who is a work-a-holic (and showman who wants to get back in front of a live crowd) but financially I wasn't prepared for this extra long recovery time that the complications have created. The doctors tell me it's too early to know if the damage is permanentπŸ‘€ and that if it's not,  it could be two years before I am fully recovered.🀯 So, I have recently become an affiliate of AMAZON to help monetize my Youtube Channel, Social Media, and Blog! If you shop Amazon then YOU can help keep me "working" by clicking any amazon product link I have posted to take you to amazon before you shop. That's it! Before you shop Amazon, visit my site or my youtube and click any amazon product link I have posted and go to amazon via that don't even have to purchase the product I have posted,  you just have to be directed to Amazon via a link that I have posted. What does that do? Well, I get a small credit for anything you purchase during that amazon shopping trip. Boom, done! So easy!  ....In fact here is a link you could use right now!

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Now let's get into this Lime Crime Make Up First Impressions - limecrime haul  swatches & first impressions METALLIC VELVETINES, DIAMOND CRUSHERS, & Hi-LITE PALETTE

Lime Crime Make Up First Impressions - hey guys! i hope you enjoyed todays full face of makeup revolution first impressions! let me know in the comments what you think! subscribe to my channel  
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Lime Crime Make Up First Impressions - limecrime haul  swatches & first impressions METALLIC VELVETINES, DIAMOND CRUSHERS, & Hi-LITE PALETTE
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HI-LITE (Opals) :
-opalescent highlighter palette
Get that opalescent glow you've always dreamed of! HI-LITE Opals is formulated with special pigments that are translucent in the base and erupt in color glow upon contact with skin. 3 milky shades adapt to every complexion, from light to dark.

Happi:(rose bronze)

Posh (metallic plum)

Wanna sparkle like a fairy on acid? Diamond Crushers turn you into a rainbow-rific lightshow with just one swipe of a wand!. Get the effect of crushed diamonds on your lips, cheeks, and anywhere else.

Diamond Crushers are NOT a gloss, but a revolutionary topper using prismatic technology that you can wear on bare lips OR over lipstick. Proprietary water-based formula is filled with light-reflective iridescent shimmers that dance and glisten with you as you move. Lasts forever, feels like nothing on skin - & did we mention it smells delicious?! Not recommended for immediate eye area

Acid fairy (lavender/mint shift)

Lime Crime Make Up First Impressions - limecrime haul  swatches & first impressions : METALLIC VELVETINES, DIAMOND CRUSHERS, & Hi-LITE PALETTE 

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