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Quick Pro Eye Glitter Polish Review

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3-in-1 amazingness! When it comes to cosmetics we all want quality products that feel good and look great especially when it comes to the eyes! I’ve been known to pay a high price tag for luxury cosmetics and personally I don’t mind especially when a product delivers on its promise to do multiple things. The Eye’s are the most delicate when it comes to the face and we put them though a lot between eye pigments, glitters and glitter adhesives, foil shadows, and so on. As a beauty youtuber & blogger, nightlife personality & performer, and a make-up artist I am constantly looking for high pay off eye products that DELIVER without compromising the health and look of my skin. PÜR Cosmetics Quick Pro Glitters is it!




Quick Pro Glitters Eye Polish is a high-pigment and high-glamour glitter eyeshadow with a built-in primer that lasts without creasing or fading. Made with a unique 3-in-1 formula they can be used as a primer, eyeshadow base AND glittery top coat all-in-one. Use it for a glamorous one-and-done look or layer it on top of your favorite matte eye shadows to create head-turning looks. Compact packaging and the built-in applicator makes it easy to carry with you to take any day look into a glamorous night out! 

Buffem Beautiul PUR Quick Pro Eye Glitter.JPG

Totally Rad!

At first I wasn’t too sure where to start. I was totally thrown by the fact that this product which looks like it contains glitter could be used for anything other than that…throw it on the eye the same way I usually apply a glitter product. Using it as a base had me SHOOK honey! As soon as I swatched it and felt how smooth it is I was in love!!!! Duh, Of course this can be applied as a base, making matte shadows really POP! I didn’t stop there, I added it by itself to the inner corners, as a highlight to my cupids bow and center of my bottom lip to make my lips pop and then I went all out and used a touch of it on top of my highlight on my cheekbones. I assumed it would feel a little grainy on my lips BUT IT DIDN’T! So I went right ahead and used it to turn my matte liquid lip into a metallic lip by dabbing it with my finger over my entire lip.  I love how versatile this product is not to mention it is Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Paraben & BPA-Free. 

PUR Quennie Swatch.jpeg

LOVES:  -It truly is a 3-in-1


          -Glitter stays in place and is super light weight & smooth

          -Compact to carry with you easily 

          -Worked well over full coverage foundation

          -Gentle on my skin, easy to wash off

          -Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Paraben & BPA-Free

PUR Glitters.jpeg

Kinda Bogus…


The applicator is convenient but I had to use my finger once product was applied to the skin to “do the work”. Be prepared to wash it off your finger other wise you end of with glitter all over yourself. With that being said, it makes a great body shimmer. This kit includes 5 classic colors (they are not available individually) that should work well for most all complexions. I would love to see PÜR Cosmetics give us more colors in bigger, badder shades. 

Quick Pro Glitters 5-Piece Eye Polish Kit

$39.00 ($7.80 a piece) 

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